Tesla Solar Roof

Transform your roof and produce clean energy

With Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof can power your San Diego home using a fully integrated solar-storage system. Each tile is seamless and complements your home’s natural aesthetics. Talk to an energy advisor if you have any questions about going green with Tesla.

Beautiful Solar

Without Compromise

25 - Year

Tile Warrenty


Outage Protection

tesla solar roof in san diego
Energy Storage

Backup Protection

The Powerwall, a small home battery, is included with every San Diego Tesla Solar Roof purchase. It provides 24/7 energy security. As well as, It stores the solar energy produced by Solar Roof so that you can always power your home, even during an outage.

Lights on with Tesla solar roof in san diego
Superior Durability

Tesla Solar Roof
Built To Last

Tesla Roof tiles are strong, durable, and designed for all-weather protection. Solar Roof tiles are covered by a 25-year guarantee and will continue to provide clean energy for your home for many decades. 


Trust The Experts

Our professionals are available to help you. We take care of everything, from design to power-on. Talk to an energy advisor to ask questions about Tesla Solar Roof in San Diego.

Efficient - Sustainable

Maximum Solar Production

Even on roofs with complex angles or intermittent sunlight, you can generate the maximum energy possible. Your fully integrated system, when combined with Tesla Solar Inverter is reliable, safe, and always available in an outage. The Tesla Solar Inverter’s built-in connectivity will allow it to continue improving with every over-the-air update.

Tesla solar power inverter

Tesla Solar Roof Panels

25 Years

Tile and Power Warrenty

Wind Rating

ASTM D3161 Class F

Inverter Power

3.8kW / 7.6kW 97.5% efficiency

Fire Rating

Class A (highest rating)

Roof Pitch

2:12 to 24:12

Hail Rating

ANSI FM 4473 Class 3

tesla solar roof panel specs

Why Choose ACCI For Tesla Solar Roof Installation?

Highly Trained & Certified Staff

ACCI is an industry leader with a highly trained and experienced team dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship. As a result, we are continually improving our services and raising our standards.

In Top 5% of Safest Companies

We are one of the few Southern California roofing companies that employs a full-time Safety director who monitors compliance with all Federal and State safety regulations.

15+ Years of Industry Experience

Our experience ensures that we can deal with any challenge that may be thrown at us. We have seen everything, so you can be sure that we will solve any roofing problem your home or business might face.

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