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    Roofs, like any other building component, degrade at different rates based on many factors such as the quality of the original construction, abuse level, design and appropriateness, as well as the level of maintenance. How long should a roof last for? We’ve seen roofs that had been poorly installed last as little as six to seven years before giving up. Roofs that had coal tar buildup have lasted over 60 years. Most building owners, roofers, and designers believe that 20 years is a reasonable service life.

    The best way to determine how much your new roof is going to cost is to contact ACCI Roofing for a free estimate. There is a lot that goes into a new roof and pricing varies from home to home, application to application.

    A detailed report of the quality of the roof including life expectancy, how many layers, type of roof, any flashing that’s needed, etc.

    Our professionals have years of experience in cleaning up after themselves. During your inspection appointment, we are happy to address any concerns.

    We are not responsible for cleaning the interior of your home, only the exterior.

    We serve all of Southern California as far east as Yuma, AZ. See our list of Service Areas